The Recovery and Resiliency Partnership Projects (R2P2) technical assistance  supports each city’s vision for long-term economic recovery by developing design concepts and strategies that integrate recreation, stormwater management, community connectivity, and downtown development.

Please click on the cities highlighted below to learn more about efforts underway. A summary of recreation-focused investment opportunities that support economic and ecological resilience across the R2P2 cities is available in the prospectus Investing in the Florida Panhandle.


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Mexico Beach

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2022 Summit

EPA Region 4 and the FEMA Interagency Recovery Coordination Team facilitated the Florida Panhandle Regional Recreation Economy Summit October 6-8, 2020 to identify a vision and set of strategies to build the regional recreation economy by leveraging the significant natural assets and potential connectivity in the Florida Panhandle. The summit engaged over 135 participants, including city leadership along with regional, state and national partners in discussions about how to promote the regional recreation economy to support both physical and economic recovery in the region. This report, The Florida Panhandle Regional Recreation Economy: Building an Alliance for Long-Term Resilience and Economic Recovery, summarizes the priorities developed throughout the R2P2 technical assistance and summit to grow the regional recreation economy for the Florida Panhandle.

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Investment Prospectus

This Recreation Economy Investment Prospectus is private-public sector prospectus that highlights specific private investment opportunities that can support the Florida Panhandle region’s vision for growing the recreation economy. Leveraging current and recent public investments in the recreation sector provides high growth potential for new businesses that can capitalize on near-term funding and partnership support at the regional, state, and federal levels.

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Online Tool

The Regional Recreation Economy Alliance (RREA) is made up of city leadership, federal and state agencies, and interested stakeholder organizations committed to growing the Northwest Florida Regional Recreation Economy Alliance. The purpose of this online tool is to support the Alliance by providing all related resources in one place. 

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For More Information

For more information, please contact: Rick Durbrow, EPA Sustainability Advisor, Integrated Recovery Coordination. Contact info.

R2P2 Background

Recovery and Resiliency Partnership Projects (R2P2) is technical assistance provided by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Integrated Recovery Coordination (IRC) field operations. R2P2 supports FEMA’s Disaster Recovery in Florida by bringing together regional, state, and federal agencies to support coastal and inland communities recover from Hurricane Michael and improve resiliency to future stormwater impacts and strengthen local economies with existing natural assets.