City of Parker 

To support physical and economic recovery in Parker, the Recovery and Resiliency Partnership Project (R2P2) provided technical assistance by developing strategies and design concepts that bolster resiliency to stormwater impacts, improve quality of life and support sustainable redevelopment.


The final report provides a summary of the design concepts and is available to download HERE!  

An appendix of additional information and resources to support the implementation of these design concepts is available to download here!


Draft Design Concepts 

Community input was gathered on the draft design concepts described below. Please click on the link about to see the final report. 

1. Project Overview

Learn more about Recovery and Resiliency Partnership Projects technical assistance to support the city’s vision for long-term economic recovery: 

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2. Business 98 Downtown Corridor

Developing a vibrant commercial area along Business 98 is a high priority to build Parker’s local economy. View potential improvements: 

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3. East End Redevelopment

The east entry corridor has the potential to support a mix of new local businesses, residences and recreation amenities. View potential options:

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4. Sustainability Strategies

Redevelopment can integrate stormwater management at the district scale by using pervious pavement and landscaping to slow and capture stormwater and create an inviting public space for people to walk, play, and interact.

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5. West End Gateway

Options for creating an inviting gateway entrance into the heart of Parker: 

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6. Connectivity 

Connecting Parker’s business and residential areas and community assets using safe pedestrian and bicycle paths can support economic development, quality of life and property value. 

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Options to Participate 

All options to participate will cover the same information and design concepts, just different ways to engage! Please find the option that works best for you!


June 16-30, 2020 – Participate online when convenient 

Visit this web page to view a presentation and complete an  online survey  to provide your feedback!


June 16-30, 2020 – See the project designs displayed at City Hall

Visit City Hall to view posters of the design options and provide your comments.

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Parker at or call 850-871-4104.